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Phase 1: Technical SEO

We’ll tackle fundamental, site-wide issues that drain your ranking power. Chief among these are content quality and user experience, site security issues, site re-directs, load speed, indexation, and schema markup.

Phase 3: Keyord Audit

Here we’ll strengthen your positioning for the keywords you already rank for. We’ll also discover new keywords that are worth focusing your future efforts on.

Phase 2: Google Analytics

We’ll benchmark current data, paving the way for optimizing each of your site’s individual URL’s.  

Phase 4: Social Media

A step-by-step strategic blueprint for getting the most out of your social media actions. The objective is to significantly strengthen your authority and opt-in conversion rates.

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The Case for Making SEO Your TOP Marketing Priority

More than 50% of traffic to websites is delivered by search engines.

And 83% of traffic from search engines comes from SEO, compared to only 17% from paid search traffic. 

However, most companies spend more money on paid search than SEO.

If you’re one of them, make sure to take a look at your marketing budget!

SEO traffic has no media cost, so its ROI is hard to beat.

SEO requires an upfront investment. But once you’ve earned your search engine rankings, it’s relatively easy to keep them for the long term.

Dominating search engine results is critical for your credibility.

People will see you as a provider of reliable, useful information. This builds trust at a much deeper level than when they see your ads. And you know trust is the very lifeblood of business success.

SEO traffic generates higher conversion than most other channels.

The trust delivered by your search engine rankings not only builds your brand equity. It immediately impacts your bottom line by making people more willing to buy from you. Paid traffic is great for quick results, but its goodwill impact is almost null, so it’s important to accompany it with SEO strategies.

About Alan

I’m here to help you take full advantage of the power of SEO. After I audit your website, I’ll tackle every single issue that might be holding you back from achieving high search engine rankings. And because experience in content creation and digital marketing goes well beyond SEO, I’ll help you turn your website into a well-oiled marketing machine.

Today, SEO is a crucial marketing tool for virtually every business, in every industry. But it requires highly-specialized expertise that you won’t necessarily have as a business owner or marketing professional. If that’s the case, I’ll be more than glad to partner up with you.

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Client Kudos

  • Alan Furth worked alongside me for two years within a fast-paced, challenging media outlet. I was very happy with the results he helped us achieve. He’s a very patient problem-solver and an overall trustworthy professional at what he does.

    Fergus Hodgson
    Editor in Chief, PanAm Post
  • The work performed by your team was high-quality and professional. The content you produced for us was well researched, well written, relevant, lively, and insightful.

    James Pringle
    Senior Counselor, M.A. Kharafi Group, Egypt
  • I was very impressed with your work and the content you produced for us. You captured the essence of the message we wish to convey to our target audience.

    Marwan Ragheb
    General Manage, Hilton Cyrpus