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Why work with me?

It's all about my clients' success

I'm always thrilled when my content helps clients either get new customers, readers, followers, or boost the loyalty of those they've won over years of hard work. Sure, part of the reason I relish that process is self-interestthe more I help you prosper, the more you'll want to keep working with me. But most of it is due to the mere satisfaction of knowing that my writing helps make the good stuff happen in the world.

From the trenches I hail

Understanding what makes your readers or customers tick comes easy to me, especially if your business or publication is in the health, fitness, or lifestyle niches. Not only because as a writer, I do what writers doI put myself in your shoes, I strive to see through your eyesbut also because I write about what I know first-hand. I'm a long-time fitness enthusiast, lifestyle solopreneur, and have worked in the media, energy, food and drink, and real estate industries. When you talk to me, you're not only talking to a writer. You're talking to a colleague that's been in the trenches selling real stuff, running real businesses, just like you.

i'm all for the subtle art of balance

I'm pretty much a numbers person when it comes to research, so I'm known for packing a powerful dose of data and analytical detail in my clients' content. However, it's the communicator in me who makes sure the information is delivered in reader-friendly, fun, and engaging prose that turns on your readers and prospects. Finding that subtle balance between analytical and emotional punch for your content is most definitely my thing. I'll make it work its magic regardless of how complex your product, service, and/or industry are.

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Contact me at - (818) 570-6079 or +34 655-590-221 (Spain)

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Testimonials and praise

“Thank you very much for the article published in the impressive ‘Who’s Who Cyprus 2008’ magazine. We feel that you have captured the essence of the message we wish to convey to your wide range of readers.”

Marwan Ragheb, General Manage, Hilton Cyrpus

“…finding the good stuff amidst so much volume is not easy, so it’s great that Alan Furth has now blogged his own experiences working for this kind of company.”

Felix Salmon, financial blogger, Reuters

“Looking forward to more collaboration in the future.”

Steve Hanke, professor of applied economics, The Johns Hopkins University; senior fellow, Cato Institute

“The work performed by your team was high-quality and professional. Their interviews were well researched  and relevant, and the editorial is lively, well written and insightful.”

James Pringle, Senior Counselor, M.A. Kharafi Group, Egypt

“Alan Furth worked alongside me for two years as an editor and translator within a fast-paced, challenging media outlet. He demonstrated rigorous English and Spanish and proved himself to be trustworthy, patient, and thoughtful.”

Fergus Hodgson, Editor in Chief, PanAm Post

About Alan

I’m Alan Furth. I write about a wide variety of topics, mainly related to health and fitness, business, and lifestyle. If you need editorial content for your paper or digital publication, or marketing copy for your company, I’d be glad to help!


With Turkish businesswoman Güler Sabanci, listed by Forbes in 2014 as the world’s 60th most powerful woman

A couple highlights about my writing career so far,

    • Traveled the world for ten years, producing special advertising sections in a wide range of countries across the globe. These ad sections were published with world-renowned media such as Time, Fortune, The New York Times, US News & World Report, Arabian Business, The Moscow Times, and Handelsblatt.
    • Interviewed all kinds of people in the countries I’ve lived in — from top government officials and business leaders, to local shop owners, teachers, doctors, and housewives.

Actually, asking questions is second nature to me. When we work together, you can rest assured that I’ll ask you the right questions to understand exactly what you want your content to achieve for your business or publication.

And when it comes to sticking to deadlines, you can rest assured it’s more than a habit for me. It’s not only in my head. My whole body is infused with it, down to the marrow. In journalism, you either turn in your work on time… or you don’t eat. That simple.

Trust me, writers do have to eat.. especially if they like lifting heavy weights as much as they like putting words on paper!

Want to find out if we’re a good fit? Contact me at – (818) 570-6079 or +34 655-590-221 (Spain)


As a fervent fitness enthusiast with more than 20 years of strength training experience, I have always been obsessed with everything related to health, nutrition and exercise. Maybe it had to with seeing both my parents struggle with health problems due to diet and lifestyle issues.
But it wasn’t until my late thirties that I finally resolved to systematically implement everything I had learned on the subject. Today, at 45, I’m in better shape, feel stronger, and are more energetic than during my 20’s.


Loading up on the creativity elixir at our Two Bridges coffee farm, close to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
With Khloe Furth, listed by Forbes as the most powerful woman in dad’s world

I’m the father of a gorgeous girl. She was born in Argentina, where my wife is from, and where we lived from 2009 to 2017. That year, we decided to move to beautiful Barcelona, Spain, where my maternal grandmother is originally from.

Besides writing, working out, helping out my wife with the garden in our ground-floor apartment, and running around with my daughter, I’m a partner at Oro Molido, a family-owned company operating coffee farms in Colombia and Tanzania, in charge of selling and marketing our coffee to roasters across Europe.